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Hi!  Welcome to Tails of Hawaii! We offer a full range of services for your dog; including day care (“playcare”), lodging and grooming.  We have two locations to serve you.  One in Waipio, on Ukee Street and one in Honolulu on Ahua Street. When you bring your dogs to Tails of Hawaii, you can expect a few things from us.

We focus on providing your dog with a healthy experience while visiting our facilities.  It’s important to your dog that he receives a balance between exercise, mental socialization and adequate rest time.  Activity is vital to dog’s daily routine.  Our services are setup for you to customize your dog’s stay based on his individual needs.  After all, no one knows your pet like you do.

A daily routine during his visit will ensure balance and positive experience.  Not all dogs are suited for canine interaction, but they do require human interaction and exercise.  Our accommodations provide lots of run-around and one-on-one time with our pet pals.  You may want to add a special treat for our dog from our apartment to make his stay a little more personal.

Here is a quick overview of our daily routine.  Early in the morning, we wake up and its relief time for the dogs.  Then, we start with our morning meals.  We provide high quality holistic meals.  You also have the option to purchase home-made hot meals, full of vitamins, veggies and healthy protein sources.  Or you prefer to have your dog stick to a personal diet, bring it all along and we will serve it up for you.

Our daily routine includes playcare.  During playcare, we have schedule playtime, including bubble time, water play, one-on-one group training and toy time. Every dog likes nothing more than a nice, quiet nap.  We darken the rooms and put on some easy music to load your dog into dream land.  Then, they are off and running again with revived energy.

After a long day of playing and interaction with our pet pals. It’s time to wind down for the evening.  Twilight wipe downs, story times and tuck-ins with a gourmet treat and a snuggly bed make for a night of dreams.

At Tails of Hawaii, we have a strict regimen in providing excellent care for your dogs.  Our facilities are kept clean throughout the day and deep cleaning is done twice daily.

Daily five-point inspections of all lodging dogs are conducted to ensure your dog’s health and coat are in top shape.  Respect and predictability are what set Tails of Hawaii services above the bar.  We put great effort in building relationship with your dog.  Our love for dogs and understanding of the canine mentality, in addition to low people to puppy ratio, promotes dog friendship and human bond.

Splashing tail services, salon and spa. Professional hair-dos and cuts, luxurious, deep down clean baths, pedicures complete with polish and nail designs. Also available is the brush of a life-time brush out.

At Tails of Hawaii, we don’t just offer pet care; we also invite our puppy parents to connect with their dogs via cyber space while they are away. Our webcams are available daily, between 7am and 7pm.  Remember Hawaii Time.

Pet taxis services are available for those who are in a bind with shoddier your dog to playcare or lodging.  We also have relocation services available.  At Tails of Hawaii, we understand your pet is an extension of you.  Our goal is to provide pet parents with peace of mind while travel or other obligations take them away.

Tails of Hawaii provides a safe and stimulating environment for all pet personalities.  Call us today to make an appointment for an assessment so we can determine the best playcare and lodging accommodations for your pup.


  • 94-422 Ukee St #8 Waipahu HI 96797
    686 Ahua St. Honolulu HI 96819
  • Hours of Operation:
    7:00am - 6:30pm Saturday
    7:00am - 5:30pm Sunday
  • Phone: 808-676-9633
  • Email:


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