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Jojo is currently in foster care but he needs a permanent home.  His future lies in your hands.  To help Jojo and other dogs like him, please contact the Hawaii Dogs Foundation and our next segment, we would like to introduce you to Tails of Hawaii.

Keeping the pack balanced is vital to the safety of the dogs and that is the pet pals’ job.

You just kind of watch out when they play, run or they get carried away.We just don’t want them to create the inferior.

That’s the first thing we train them on is to read body language and prevent anything from happening.

So you always have to watch that playing line.  They are playing and they do like to play hard and the one that’s lying across when they are getting out of control with the other dogs.

They are watching for these slightest things that may be you would not see through your untrained eye.  But these girls, they know what’s coming ahead of them.

I have a one-year-old Basenji, she is right over there.  She has a dry color.  She has got a little bit of Alpha in her, so meaning, she wants and try to control everybody.  So, whenever we bring in a new dog, we do have to watch how she acts, especially because she wants to let the new dog knows that she’s boss.  Just looking at that crazy thing will tell.

He do try to use positive reinforcement when we’re here.  We try not to poke too much on the back and so, by keeping her on the leash, she kind of has a restriction on where she can go and what she can do.  And by using water to try and get her attention away from the other dogs. That’s what we are trying to do here.

We try to use the most semi-correction possible with these guys.  And look, this is Joey and he came to say hi.  Good job, Joey! Good job! Good job! Hi Popo!

 Our goal here is to provide an atmosphere as close to home for the dogs       outside of their home.  So, we don’t treat a dog according to the breed or according to our regimen.  What we do is we treat each dog individually. Owners are welcome to bring their own food.  We heed up three different bags of different types of food for one dog and mixed it together this way.   We also provide hot meals for the dogs.  We worked really hard at keeping the dogs as close to their normal lifestyles and life patterns as possible.

These two dogs in here, the reasons why they are separated is because, they don’t get along with the other dogs.  They are actually rescue dogs. And we are trying to find them a new homes.  They are very good with people, but we really want to try and find them homes together.  Just because they have been together for a long time.

So, we really don’t want to separate them.  They are very sweet.  Anyone who is interested, just give us a call.

Common reason why people bring their dogs here initially is for boarding. They are going on a trip, they want to leave their dog here.

I am leaving for Vegas tonight.  We will be leaving our dog here because        we trust Tails of Hawaii with our dog who is really, really a family member.  We would not leave them with anybody else.

The playcare is something that’s a little new to the island.  It’s a new concept then people say “you mean, you take your dog to doggie day care.  What is that?”  Well, we have a lot of people who are unable to provide the exercise that their high energy dog need.

We live in a condo and we can’t leave her home alone because she will bark.  And so, we use, the day care here for that reason and it’s great boarding too.

We have people who just worked really long hours and they feel very guilty leaving their dogs at home.  So they bring their dogs or they just not able to take their dogs out for paddies, their dogs wrecking their house.  They come here and burn off all that energy and when they go home, it’s family time.

They can all be together and enjoy, without feeling guilty and so tired to take my dog out for a walk.  The dog’s been through it all day, fed, cleaned and ready to go home and be a part of the family.  We also have a lot of military people who bring their dog in when they get sent away for a couple of weeks.

We do show them the love and affection.  So, in return, they do get that sense of discipline and control in their life but also the fun from us giving them the attention and playing with them with the balls and with the other toys.

Most dogs, when they are at home, by themselves, they will sleep from nine to ten hours.  So this can be kind of shock on their body and running around and playing for six hours straight.  So, we find it important to promote rest time in about lunch time, between twelve and one.  We go ahead and turn off the lights and we played classical music.

We encouraged the dogs to lie down and take a little nap.  Also if we have dogs that are very young, we will go ahead and find a quite area at the back of the kennel and give them quite time and tune in a little raw hider or something and quite time to rest.

These three dogs here are where their mother brought them in because she had to find a new place and work where they stayed.  They are all rescue dogs.  She rescued them about nine years ago.  She is looking for homes where I believe these two here.  This one here was born with a birth defect.

Her left hand paw is missing and so the breeders tried to put her out of her misery and shot her through the head and it came out through her eye.  So, that’s why she is missing an eye because it was not a successful euthanasia which we don’t condone it anyway.

This one here, Chloe, she had a broken arm and it never got treated. She is a little intense, so, I think the mommy is going to keep this one here.  In Tails of Hawaii, we are trying to help the mother out in anyway to find a family for these dogs.

You can see a dog roll as they come in and start socializing.  I’ve had owners who would tell me “My dogs never look at another dog.”  Let alone and play with the other dogs at one time off the leash.  A lot of them have behavioral problems that get modified by just being in the pack.

A lot of it is because we administer control over the dogs, a slight discipline, a controlled discipline over the dogs.  Sometimes, they are not getting at home or pet owners just don’t know how to do that.  I’ve had dogs come in and they stay here for a week and in the beginning, they are just in the corner shivering, scared with any dogs and any dogs come up near them, they would bite them.

By the end of their stay, they are running around, jumping on the couches, playing with everybody.  You know, that really is a reward for us as pet pals, when the owner comes in and says “Oh my God, I had a great time and I am going to bring my dog back in your play care.”   That’s when you know you are doing what you are set out to do.


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