Free Dog Care Apps for Your Smartphone

Raising a dog can be a challenge. Between mystifying behaviors, health problems, and carting your pet around, everyone needs a bit of help now and then. Smartphone apps let you keep a ton of information right in your pocket, no matter where your travels with your best friend take you.

Pet Master Free (iPhone & Android): Of the multiple pet health organizer apps available, this one is cross-platform and has the most options. Enter the name of your dog (or other pet), birth date, breed, nicknames, and your own personal notes to keep track of vet appointments, allergies, special needs, and daily intake and, er, output. Of course you can assign a photo as well.

The free version displays ads; you can upgrade to Pet Master Pro for $2.99.

Dog Training (Android): This e-book from MontysMagic focuses mostly on behavior correction rather than teaching a dog special tricks. Topics are arranged alphabetically for quick access, and each article is illustrated with a picture.

Dog Training News Tips (iPhone): This collection of articles is supported by ads and looks like it was culled straight from a blog, but the info is useful. Buttons along the bottom provide very broad categories for browsing.

Dog Clicker (iPhone): Sure, dog clickers are cheap and portable, but what if you forget yours? This virtual clicker from the Continental Kennel Club is always on your phone, and comes with a brief guide to clicker training. Less useful, but novel, are the options to change the background color and sound to things like “Duck Call” and “Laser.”

Clicker (Android): There are several clicker apps for Android; the best free one is by Matt Carver. The sound is accurate, and you can choose other sounds if you like. You can also enable haptic feedback, which makes the phone vibrate slightly to make it feel like you’re actually pressing a clicker button. Mobile (iPhone, iPad, & Android): The mobile app version of the website does basically the same thing: provide resources for folks traveling with dogs. You can find hotels that allow pups, procedures for bringing dogs on planes, and guides to cities and resorts with dog-friendly policies. Locations are organized by state and city, but you can also browse along major highway routes.

iTips for Dog Care Lite (iPhone & Android): There’s very little in-depth knowledge shared in this ad-supported app, but it can get a dog owner thinking about a topic. Information is organized into short articles like “Exercise,” “Prepare for Puppy,” and “Dental Care.”

Maximizing Dog Care (iPhone): Very similar to iTips, but a little less organized and the occasional menu item in Vietnamese. Good for comparing advice, and there’s a button for e-mailing the articles. There are also no ads.

Dog Health and Care Guide (Android): Another collection of articles without much rhyme or reason to the order in which they’re listed. Browse at your leisure.

John “jaQ” Andrews is a writer for a mobile application development company.

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