How to Give Your Puppy CPR

Puppy CPR

Everyone loves puppies. Cute smiles, wiggly tails, sometimes they almost seem human. To many of us our pets are thought of as children. But can you take care of your puppy in an emergency?

Our four legged friends are not built like us, and often require special care, especially in emergency situations. In this guide brought to you by Carrington we will show you the correct way to administer CPR to your furry best friend. Special attention is needed when a puppy is involved!

Even if you are trained in emergency rescue for humans you will still need to follow guidelines so that you don’t harm your shaggy best friend. Follow our precise guide and you will soon be on your way to being prepared to care for man’s best friend!

We provide a fully illustrated walk through of the steps to administering proper CPR to your puppy, so you can be prepared.

Via the Carrington College Veterinary Assistant Program